Hosting For Chirstmas

The holidays are here, it’s time for people to get together, catch up on the year that was and usher in the new one. Hosting a get together? Here is a few tips on how to host the perfect gathering without breaking a sweat.

Toddler Safety At Home

Home is a place to relax, play, grow and enjoy spending time with the family. Accidents will happen, there will be minor scrapes and bruises which all form the memories of growing up. As long as children have an appetite to run around and play, measures need to be taken to ensure that these accidents …

All About Fencing

One of the most important reasons for fencing apart from security is to create privacy in the comfort of your home. A tall solid fence will separate your form your neighbors and give your compound the much needed privacy to be free in your own home. Here is a few tips and ideas to the …

How To Make Your Home Look Spacious

You might not always have the benefit of a large living space and sometimes home may feel a little claustrophobic. Many items from the furniture you choose, to the color of the room or even the lighting can affect the way your living space feels. Here are a few tips on how to make the …

Landscaping Tips and Ideas

Landscaping your house is a good way to add character to your yard without necessarily having to spend lots of money. Just a few creative ideas can really transform the overall look of your house. Here is a few tips:

Going Green At Home

Imagine living a green life for the rest of your life! Not only would you reduce the carbon footprint, but you would also help save your life and of all those around you. Going green at home is one of the first steps to a sustainable lifestyle.

Three Must-Have Colors For Your House

Color is the one thing every home must have. You do not have to paint a rainbow on your wall for your home to be colorful. Tasteful selection of color will go a long way to adding personality and character to your living space. When selecting a color palate, always have this in mind:

Must Have Electronics For Your House

While it is common place these days to have gadgets that tell us where to find what, what to do, they track our health, entertain and inform us we spend so much time with these gadgets it is impossible to imagine our lives without them. Here is a list of top 6 appliances that every …