Meet The Faces of Our Live Remarkable Campaign

The human spirit. It lives in us all.




Our Live Remarkable Campaign was officially launched on the 12th of August across all our offices in Africa.

Live Remarkable is about extra-ordinary people, and the remarkable stories they share, what they do in their daily lives, their impact on society, and how we can draw inspiration from their remarkable stories to inspire others, and live a remarkable life of our own

The birth of our Live Remarkable Campaign was inspired by three extraordinary people;

Dr. Emmanuel Taban – a child refugee from South Sudan who walked 6400Km to find freedom in South Africa. The man is now dedicating his life to educate the Girl Child in Africa

Farai Chinomwe – a jovial beekeeper who ran the marathon backwards to raise awareness around the need to reverse the plight of bees

Hanli Prinsloo – a freediver who spend the last two decades holding her breath to protect the world’s ocean


Experience our ongoing quest for Live Remarkable, read their full stories here –