All About Fencing

White Picket Garden Fence
White Picket Garden Fence

One of the most important reasons for fencing apart from security is to create privacy in the comfort of your home. A tall solid fence will separate your form your neighbors and give your compound the much needed privacy to be free in your own home. Here is a few tips and ideas to the right fence:

Rustic fencing

Most back yard fences have a similar look and feel. If you are looking for a unique twist to your fencing, you might want to give this a try. Pieces of reclaimed wood are arranged vertically in different lengths to create a fence that while providing privacy and adding a sense of whimsy to your garden.

The Pool Fence
If you plan to have, or already have a pool in your back yard, you will probably need to have a dedicated fence. This is to keep the kids from wandering into the pool area.

Fence Plantings
In this case, plant climbing/winding vines that will grow up to make a fence. A bonus of this fence is that if you have a lawn to grow then watering it will not be a problem. These may take a little more time to grow, so the thicker you want tit, the longer you will have to wait. Once it is done, it will be a thing of beauty.

Use striking materials

Fencing des not only have to be about functionality. Rather your fence can be the focal point that will add beauty to your back yard. This can range between a concrete fencing, with a gorgeous design and patterning to add that much needed pop of color to your yard.

Creativity is key to adding that extra touch of class to your home, and the look of your fence should be no exception.