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Pantry Essentials
Pantry Essentials

Here is a list of 5 more things to always have in your pantry…

In addition to being a versatile sweetener, honey will help with the occasional hangover and act as a cough soother and many more uses. It can also serve as a substitute for sugar in many flour dishes.

Dried Herbs
This includes spices like oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, parsley and many more that add an extra kick to your food and serve as excellence seasoning foe just about anything.

All Purpose baking flour
This could come in really handy for that occasional cake baking or Sunday pancakes.

This is not just to satisfy your random sugar cravings but can also add an incredible amount of flavor to food. Dark chocolate especially is rich in nutrients that help to fight disease an also aid in weight loss.

Onions, Tomatoes, Carrots etc- Your all around use veggies that you must have to put together a fabulous meal. Though these may perish fast, they are packed with goodness and use them as fast as they come to avoid waste.

Wines and Vinegars
Red wine has been medically approved to do your body a lot more good than harm. Vinegars add a tangy flavor to your meal and take away the bland boring taste.

Cooking is an art, and can be made fun by just throwing together a few ingredients to make the perfect healthy meal. Keeping a well -stocked pantry will make your work easier at the end of a long day.