Three Must-Have Colors For Your House

Selecting Color
Selecting Color

Color is the one thing every home must have. You do not have to paint a rainbow on your wall for your home to be colorful. Tasteful selection of color will go a long way to adding personality and character to your living space. When selecting a color palate, always have this in mind:

Small Colors
These are the little pops of color that appear in various things around your house. It could be the pillows and throws or the little things that are in your house. As insignificant as they may seem, these trinkets go a long way in tying in to the new look of your entire house. They add visual interest to a room.

Medium Colors
These are the more pronounced colors around the house, including sofas, dining tables, bookshelves. These kinds of colors require a serious commitment and are not easy to move around as items with small colors. Drapery and curtains also fall into this category as well.

Big Color Choices
These choices are for true color lovers, those who like to take big bold steps and bring the house to its full colour potential. This includes the colours that go on the walls, ceilings and floors. Bold colours will bring personality to your house. Chosing a very bold color will mean that you have to have to chose colours that are less loud.

You want your house to have character, not to look like very bright.