Toddler Safety At Home

Keeping Children Safe
Keeping Children Safe

Home is a place to relax, play, grow and enjoy spending time with the family. Accidents will happen, there will be minor scrapes and bruises which all form the memories of growing up. As long as children have an appetite to run around and play, measures need to be taken to ensure that these accidents are preventable. Here is a few tips to ensure that kids get the freedom that comes with growing up and being healthy and active.

Toy Safety
Always consider your child’s age before purchasing a toy or game. It is always worth it to take a beat to read through the instructions and make sure it is just right for your child.

Burns and Scalds
The smell of cookies in the oven or a sauce simmering is difficult to resist for kids and adults alike. With young ones running around, use the back burner and turn the handle away from reach. This will prevent any accidents. Also, keep hot food away from reachable counters.

Choking and strangulation
Cut food into small pieces for toddlers. Children under 5 should not eat small, hard or round foods including pieces of cheese, hotdogs or any other hard foods. Keep cords and strings especially those attached to window blinds away from your child.

Sleep Safety
Most of infant suffocation occurs in their sleep environment, babies should always sleep in a safe crib.

It is imperative to ensure that safety is kept in the home at all times.