How To Make Your Home Look Spacious

Make Your Home Spacious
Make Your Home Spacious

You might not always have the benefit of a large living space and sometimes home may feel a little claustrophobic. Many items from the furniture you choose, to the color of the room or even the lighting can affect the way your living space feels. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your living space:

Clear out clutter
Your number one priority should be to clear out clutter. This is the easiest and most affordable thing you can do. It is easier to keep a room clutter free if there’s a place for everything. Items such as books, toys, clothes and beauty supplies could really crowd up the room. Arrange all items to fit in a designated place store and organize anything that usually ends up on the floor.

Paint or decorate
Darker rooms absorb the light of the room; lighter colored flooring as well as wall colors makes the room feel airy. Try decorating the ceiling as anything that draws the eye upwards makes a room feel bigger.

This plays a crucial role in determining what your living space looks like. Furniture up against the wall makes everything look cramped. Small spaces in between the wall and your furniture items can make your living space look more open, It may also be a good idea to get furniture with hidden storage space. Furniture or storage spaces higher up towards the room could be another way to draw the eye upwards.
Don’t cover up windows to let light flood in and for bathrooms, use a clear showering curtain to make the bathroom seem bigger. Also , instead of going for a clutter of small decorations everywhere opt for fewer decorations in bigger sizes it gives the room a less crowded feel .


The right use of mirrors in the right places could create an illusion of space that doesn’t really exist, but to the eye and mind the room is immediately way bigger and feels more spacious to be in.

Illusion is everything and if you can create a perfect one, you can make your home look extra spacious by adding or just moving around a few things.