Landscaping Tips and Ideas

Landscaping Your Yard
Landscaping Your Yard

Landscaping your house is a good way to add character to your yard without necessarily having to spend lots of money. Just a few creative ideas can really transform the overall look of your house. Here is a few tips:

Greet with Flowers
Flowers are a quick and easy way to add personality and character to your house, and ultimately make the house seem more inviting. If you have a small space between your house and the street, try putting a low gate to give an illusion that your house is further from the street than it really is. Invest in perennial and seasonal plants that will bloom all year round.

Plant rambling vines.
These include clingers and climbers; pick those that will bloom in blues or purples to add more appeal to your home.

Add height with planters and baskets.
Add dimension to your yard with elevated planters and hanging baskets. It creates a sea of color. Each pot should contain a spiller, one that hangs over the edges, a filler – one that grows into a mound and a thriller – one that is completely eye-catching.

Create a garden paradise.
Design a small hideaway in the depths of your garden where people can relax by putting together rails and benches. It is more effective when it is more hidden than when right inform of your house.

With these few tricks you should be well on your way to having a spectacular yard that will be the envy of the neighborhood.