Christmas Gifts for the Home & Family – Part 2

It’s the season of giving and gifting, last year we shared part one of Christmas gifts that are ideal for the home, today we continue with part two. In this article, we narrow down five ideal gifts for your loved ones, based on their interests.

For music lovers

Go old school and get a vinyl record player for a music lover and a set of vinyl CDs. Get something that matches their current music taste, throw it back to the 60s with the best of collection of Frank Sinatra for the Jazz lovers and some BB King for the RnB enthusiasts.

Are you feeling excited yet? This should you give you an idea of what to get for your loved ones. Happy Gift Hunting!

For the artsy people

Collectible antiques for the people who appreciate art not the artists themselves, important to note.

Persian rugs, African masks, literally anything that appreciates cultural beauty, and you can collect African masks from different countries, or rug from different Arabian countries and present them as gift on the 25th

For the plant lovers


Terrariums are all the rage right now, and they are so classy. Basically anything that’s made of glass with gold/silver coated frames is classy. Fill up your terrarium with soil, activated charcoal, pebbles and add in a pretty succulent.

When gifting, most people would go for plants in small colored vases, a terrarium would be a pleasant surprise for your loved ones. Choose a succulent that has natural benefits such as purifying the air.

For the animal lovers

It’s a really cold month, the pets should be warm and fuzzy too. Get a sleeping baskets for the pets so they can get more comfortable too. You can buy them at an outdoor market along Ngong Road on your way to Karen.

For the readers

How about a custom made book-holder for the books that keep tumbling over? You can either buy one or make one as a DIY activity for yourself. Here’s an idea, get a heavy block of wood, smoothen it with sandpaper, splatter paint all over,( use different colors)  let it dry up and present it to you friend with another book… the latest from their favorite author or intrigue them with something new.

Are you feeling excited yet? This should you give you an idea of what to get for your loved ones. Happy Gift Hunting