Meet Nili Dodhia & Sansi Dietz

Meet Nili Dodhia and Sansi Dietz
Meet Nili Dodhia and Sansi Dietz

Fondly known as Nili Dodhia by her associates and family, her friends and peers call her Nils.
When she’ s not busy in the office or at the site with a client you will probably find her nose deep on a book or travelling to any destination to satisfy her adventurous spirit. Keeping fit is also one of her priorities as she enjoys doing burpees.

Unlike most people, Nili will always have flip flops with her. Apart from that, as a business lady and very social woman she will always carry her phone along. A smile is one thing she always tries never to leave behind as it makes her world seem brighter.

The saying curiosity killed the cat does not apply to her. She eagerly seeks for new knowledge as every day passes. This has helped her become a successful property consultant, being awarded Rental Agent of the Year 2013/2014, at the Annual Gold Club Award in South Africa.

She is able to foresee a problem and dig to the root of it to find possible solutions on how to deal with it. What doesn’t kill you can surely make you stronger! Curiosity is one thing that sets her apart from her peers as it is her strength. Need to know something? Ask Nili she will definitely cross an ocean to get to the answer.

In the fictional world, this lady would perfectly fit in the charmed series as the white lighter as she wishes she had omnilingualism as her super power. Being that she encounters many people from different walks of life, this superpower would definitely work to her advantage in her job specification.

Go through her personal PC and her internet history will mainly comprise of recipe sites, blogs and videos. She enjoys getting new ideas of different delicacies. She is definitely the person to go to when you need new ideas to upgrade your cooking.

If she was to become an author then her first book would be titled “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF EVERYTHING AROUND US”
Her personal mantra is “You only live once, so live on the edge”.

Sansi Dietz is a super agent when she is on site with a client and a super mum when she is at home with her adorable son and husband. She balances her life with the ease and panache of a successful career woman by day and a super mum by night who gives her small family the undivided attention of a homemaker. She also takes a break from work by spending time with her friends, strolling around or swimming.

Sansi’s super power is her efficiency; little wonder why it’s easy for her to balance everything. She is an organized woman who plans her day out. She is also highly competent; no wonder she reaps sweet fruits from her work, of people who use minimal to produce more.

In a supernatural world, she would perfectly fit in Walt Disney’s Fairy tales, with an extra super power of speed, her mystical abilities would be beyond imagination, she wishes she was able to fly and spread her efficiency magic far and wide, and in the twinkle of an eye.

Sansi is a workaholic; she is passionate about what she does and was recently awarded for her tireless efforts and dedication to her job as the Rental Agent of the Year 2013/2014, at the Annual Gold Club Award in South Africa. Furthermore she attests to her passion by spending most of her internet time on Alchemy (Pam Golding Properties’ customer relationship management software). Sansi can forget her keys at home but her phone, IPad and headphones can never be left behind.

Her personal mantra is “I am always right” it depicts a strong –willed and confident woman who believes in herself.
If she was to try out writing she would make a debut in the writers corner by revealing the secrets of her prowess at home and at work by writing a book titled “ HOW TO DO IT MY WAY”.