Keeping Your House Clean During COVID-19

If there’s one thing that’s certain in the minds of many people by now it’s that COVID-19 is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean that our lives should come to a standstill. We must simply find ways to cope with this virus and more importantly, take appropriate measures to curb its spread and keep our families safe.

So what do we know about COVID-19 so far?

We know the virus is spread mainly when respiratory droplets of an infected person (generated through coughing, sneezing, talking) get into the mouth, nose or eyes of people who are nearby.

We also now know that people can be infected, and spread the virus to others, even without having any symptoms. People may also become infected by touching their mouth, nose or eyes after touching surfaces contaminated with the virus and that the virus may survive on surfaces for a few hours up to several days.

Until a vaccine is found, we can keep the virus at bay by maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene, with that mind, here are a few cleaning tips and everyday measures to help keep you family safe.



Using soap and water first clean your surfaces and then disinfect using either wipes or spray containing about 70% of alcohol or bleaching agent like Jik.

Do not wipe dry your surfaces when you’re using a disinfectant, just let it dry naturally, disinfectants are more effective when they stay wet on a surface for a seconds.

Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces i.e. door knobs, countertops, faucets, sinks, light switches, tables, and chairs and ensure that you wear disposable gloves any time you’re disinfecting your home.


Clean your hands

It’s one of the most effective ways of curbing the spread of the virus.

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water:

Before you leave the house and immediately you return.

Before and after you handle food

After touching delivered items i.e. packages

It’s not possible to install sinks in every corner of your home so keep hand-sanitizers instead, but if you have the resources and space, you can set up a hand-washing station outside for visitors.



It’s still unclear how long the virus can survive on fabrics buy we must sexercise caution especially when we have been around other people.

Take off your clothes and change into clean ones the minute you get home.

Shower immediately.

Do your laundry twice in a week if you can.


Food and Kitchen packaging

Prevention is better than cure, so it is advisable to disinfect any external items.

Wipe clean food packages like cans and boxes, use wipes.

Remove any unnecessary packaging and store food in containers, (now would be a good time to buy some more)

Wash and soak your vegetables and fruits in a mixture of water and vinegar before your refrigerate them


Other hygiene tips

Keep a stash of masks and hand sanitizers in your house for your family to grab and go.

Keep trash cans in every corner for disposal.


Sources: UNICEF