House-sharing, Yes or No?

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House-sharing, Yes or No?

Housing is a huge financial and personal decision at any age. Most people look forward to the day they will graduate from college and move into their own space. However, with the increased cost of living, this may not always be possible. To stay home with the parents, get a place of your own or live with a roommate are some of the questions people grapple with. While living with someone may be a fun and youthful experience, it definitely has its downsides. Here is a list of pros and cons to help with your decision, or indecision.

Pro : Shared responsibilities.
With a roommate, pesky household chores and maintenance are not your sole responsibility. There is a shared responsibility for keeping your place in check and making payments on time. It is cheaper in the long run to have to share the utility bills, grocery shopping and other expenses. Sharing is caring – and it saves money too.

Con: Deciding how to share those responsibilities
Responsibility and finances can become a huge source or contention and the root of many arguments. Someone may fight you on the purchase of household necessities or even utility costs claiming that the usage was not shared equally so the financial burden shouldn’t be either. Roommates also tend to exaggerate their contributions or may refuse to do their chores all together. You may also end up sharing things you didn’t think about, like common space, the bathroom and yes, the Television.

Pro: Building valuable friendships.
Having someone other than your shadow around could be very helpful for you in the long run. You get to expand your social circle and be around different types of people and that will boost your people skills. Also, you have company – someone to talk to at the end of the day, maybe share a joke or a meal with. You and your roommate may end up being the best of friends.

Con: Ruining valuable friendships.
Not every great pair of friends can be compatible as roommates. Their lifestyle habits may differ greatly from yours and they just may be plain impossible to live with. Roommates should have a semblance of understanding for each other’s needs and desires.

Pro: Cheaper rent.
The financial advantage of sharing space is the almost always the main driving force behind getting a roommate. Shared living space means shared living expenses – rent and utility bills. Splitting costs usually means cheaper and nicer living conditions.

Con: Less Privacy.
This one goes without saying. The moment you decide to room with someone, means you kiss your privacy goodbye. You cannot do things however you want, and when and how you please. You will have you be mindful of the other person, their needs and space just as you expect them to be mindful of yours. You will not be able to walk around as naked as you please and you may have to clean up after yourself. Just because you want to have a candlelit dinner with your significant other, doesn’t mean you take up the entire living room, and you certainly do not have to turn your music all the way up when your roommate needs to get rested for work tomorrow.

While there are many factors to consider, it is imperative to be honest with your own style of living before when contemplating moving in with someone. It is also important to choose the right roommate- this fact cannot be overstated. Who you live with and how you behave as a roommate could turn the situation into bliss or into a complete nightmare. Living alone does have its benefits, but then again so does having a roommate.