Designing A Family Photo Wall

Photo Wall
Photo Wall

We are in the digital age where not only do most of us have cameras on our phones but we have printers that can turn them from pixels into print outs in no time at all. This goes to show that now more than ever before, people have more photos of their friends and family with them.

But now how to display them becomes the main question – the desire to surround ourselves with photos is still there. Your photo wall or display should tell a story – of beginnings, where you have been and where you are going. Your home can feel a little sterile or blank without photos of family displayed. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional for the job, once the photos are printed and framed – half the work is done.

Because they do tend to be busy, put the display in a place that is more private – like a hallway or a bedroom.
Then decide on the order – can be a grid or asymmetrical. No matter what you choose, uniting the pieces through a common element will give them a sense of order.

The common element could be the size of frame, color or image size. For instance, you could put black and white photos on one wall. You could also hang different frames together provided they are the same distance from each other.

Getting professional work done could take weeks, or you could make this DIY project for yourself and make use of your weekend.

Photographs capture a moment that would otherwise be lost, so keeping photographs in frames and arranging them in a good order is an excellent way to keep memories and moments displayed for a long while.