Creating a Home Library


Building a library does not mean reading as many books as you can, jotting down your best titles or keeping them on random surfaces around the house. It means setting up a physical space for your collection.
Bookworms take great pride in their collection but more importantly, they enjoy their reads and the feeling of getting transported to a whole other world.
And that is what a home library should be, nothing too grand but still pretty and nice. A personal space where you can curl up for hours and envision yourself as Marlee in Runaway Jury.

If you don’t know where to start, here are step-by-step instructions to get you inspired.

That’s a nice spot
Identify a spot in your home that would make an ideal reading place, a quiet space, with plenty of natural light or at least the capability of being well lit.
It could be a corridor, an empty corner, the attic, a store any place that’s perfect for you! 

Ok… this bookshelf will do
The shelf you choose will be determined by the amount of space you have. You can either install it on a wall or buy/build one, we highly suggest that you consider the latter option for functionality -get a bookshelf that meets your requirements in terms of width, height, number of shelves, adjustability etc.

How do I arrange my books now?
The library should serve two purposes; to create a recreational section and add a decorative element in your home – that’s why your books should be neatly arranged and beautifully displayed. 

First off, you should separate your books from magazines and organize according to one of the following styles;

  • Book Color
  • Book height & size
  • Alphabetical order -according to author or book titles
  • Genre i.e., fiction, comics, biography, educational etc
  • Book cover – leather-bound, paperback etc
  • From your favourites to the unread ones
  • From contemporary to the classics etc


What section is this?
Whatever style you decide to use, it should still make it easy for you and anyone else to find a particular book. Spending hours looking for one book is just as annoying as not returning it to its proper place.
Make sure each section is clearly labelled and if two or more genres are one shelf, you can separate them using a small potted plant, antiques, Rubik cubes or any item that will enhance its look.

Perfect! Now for the reading spot
Set up a cosy reading area on the floor using a throw rug, a couple of colourful throw pillows and a soft blanket for the snuggle-in days.

This space will most likely be your escape place when you need to de-stress after a long day at work or when you just need some alone time, that’s why you should add a personal touch to make it feel like your own personal oasis, it could be wall art, a house plant, or any personal item that represents you.