Caring For Potted Plants

Caring for Potted Plants - Karen 3KE1212924
Caring for Potted Plants – Karen 3KE1212924

Plants add life and beauty to any space and can be placed both in and outdoors. Potting plants is convenient if you do not have a garden or enough space but still appreciate the beauty that plants bring. They also give you the option to have plants that would not ordinarily grow in certain climates, because there is the option of growing them indoors when the weather outside does not favour them.

Here are a few things to consider before planting.

The plant you choose will determine where you place it. Ensure that the spot where you intend on placing your plants has sufficient light, as it is key for their survival. You would not want to place a flower in a shade when it requires light as it will not flourish. Some plants require more light than others, so if you choose to plant two different types of plants in one container, make sure that they require the same amount of light, the ideal situation would be one plant, one pot.

Picking a pot or container depends on your preferences. A little pretty on the pot wouldn’t hurt. You might want to pick a light container so that it is easy to move around when need arises. Clay pots are also good to use, though when it comes to watering your plants you should keep in mind that they are porous and will tend to absorb moisture. Use large containers to give enough room for soil and fertiliser. Ensure that they have drainage holes at the bottom to prevent the roots from drowning and the plant from dying prematurely.

Watering Potted Plants
When watering potted plants, it is important to check whether there is moisture in the soil, if it is dry then you are good to water. However, if there is moisture in the soil, let it dry out as you do not want to kill the roots or cause them to rot. Also place saucers under pots and remove the excess water. The ideal time to water them is early in the morning so that moisture evaporates before evening as some plants tend to be prone to diseases.

Fertilizing Potted Plants
Fertiliser or manure is crucial to the life of a plant. When you water your plants, nutrients and excess water come out of the drainage holes, so add manure or fertiliser to improve the soil.

Get planting and watch those flowers bloom.