Bedroom Must- Haves

Bedroom Must-Haves
Bedroom Must-Haves

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, the place you lay your head after a long day. And thus it is important to fill it with the things you love. From comfy pillows to warm inviting colors, here is a few things you just must have in your bedroom.

Quality bedding
It may be strange to think about it, but approximately a third of our lives is spent sleeping, might as well make the hours count. Do not under estimate the power of quality bedding – sheets and blankets. Spend money on quality and durable sheet fabrics, and your night’s sleep will be that much better. Invest in a high quality durable mattress as well.

Somewhere to sit
This may seem obvious, but most people forget to include a place to sit(that is not the bed) when designing their bedrooms. Place an elegant couch or a little desk where you can sit and read or chat with a friend without necessarily having to disturb the bed.

Enough closet space
There is no such thing as enough storage space for your clothes. Having enough space to put away your clothes and shoes will make it easier for you to locate the item you need when you need them and will keep your room neat.

Something you love
A bedroom will not be complete without your own personal touch. It can be a fabulous piece of art you collected somewhere, some of your prized possessions or an amazing accessory you want to keep forever. It could also be a nice book shelf filled with books that you love.

A comfortable rug.
Nothing ruins a happy morning or makes a bad one worse than getting out of bed and stepping onto a cold hard floor. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a warm cushy rug that your feet will thank you for. If you already have a carpet in your room, consider layering with a small one, just by the bed.

Your bedroom is your safe space, might as well fill it with things that will bring you nothing but happiness.