Ely Benaglia

Areas: Tiwi, Ukunda, Diani, Galu, Msambweni - Residential
Division: Sales
Phone: 0113 483 496
Email: ely.benaglia@pamgolding.co.ke

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Hello there, I’m Ely Benaglia – your dedicated property consultant specializing in Tiwi, Ukunda, Diani, Galu, Msambweni and Shamba Hills. Growing up along the enchanting East African coast, I embraced diverse cultures, nationalities, and faiths, shaping a life and work philosophy rooted in art, creativity, and empathy.

My love for art took me to South Africa for a Fine Arts degree. Eager to keep exploring, I jetted off to Milan, Italy, for Curatorial Studies and Art History. This journey eventually led me to a PhD in Curatorial Practices, where I delved deep into African Diaspora Contemporary Art.

My career has been a whirlwind of experiences – from teaching at l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan to curating at an auction house. These roles have shown me the immense value of empathy. Now, as a real estate agent, empathy drives everything I do. My academic and art curation background helps me build bridges between buyers and sellers, transforming transactions into connections.

However, life isn’t just about work. I find solace in yoga, reading, and leisurely walks along Diani Beach. And when it comes to the planet, I’m all about a low-impact lifestyle that extends from my home to the world around us.

If you’re in search of your dream home, a vacation escape, or an investment opportunity, I’m here to accompany you every step of the way. Your real estate journey is important to me, and I’m dedicated to making it as smooth and rewarding as possible. Let’s connect – together, we can ensure you’re met with nothing but satisfaction.