Alice Nyambura

Areas: Tigoni, Red Hill, Cianda & Riara Ridge - Sales
Division: Sales
Phone: +254 7 17 472 827

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Hello, I’m Alice Nyambura, proudly serving as the Area Specialist for Tigoni, Red Hill, Cianda, and Riara Ridge, which are nestled amidst the serene beauty of farmlands and forests. Armed with an intimate knowledge of these picturesque landscapes, I am dedicated to guiding individuals in discovering homes that seamlessly integrate with the natural beauty surrounding them.

My passion extends beyond mere property transactions as a fervent advocate for environmental conservation, I recognise the symbiotic relationship between homes and nature, and actively promote sustainable living choices that harmonize with the lush farmlands and pristine forests defining these regions.

In addition to navigating the demands of the property market, I am deeply committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a fitness enthusiast, I believe in the transformative power of a balanced life, embodying this commitment in both my personal and professional spheres.

In my role as a Property Consultant, my mission transcends transactions; it’s about understanding the unique needs of my clients and curating the perfect living space within the tranquillity of nature. I find immense satisfaction in helping people discover not just houses but true homes within the embrace of farmlands and forests.

Feel free to get in touch and I will be happy to assist you and your family in finding that perfect home!