Treehouse Building Made Simple


School is out and the holidays are here. The kids will be running around and wrecking all sorts of havoc. Tree houses are nice way to have fun and keep the kids busy. Climbing trees has always been an important part of childhood. It was always fun to climb a tree, clean wholesome fun, away from being glued to screens all day.  Now imagine actually having a tree house to climb up to. Here is a few steps on how to build a tree house.

Site Considerations

It would be best to chose a sturdy mature tree, one with branches long and strong enough. It doesn’t have to be very high up, just high enough so that anyone walking beneath it does not get a bump on the head.

Keep in mind weight and stability

As you build the house, keep in mind the number of people the tree is expected to support at any given time. The sturdier the base, the longer the tree is likely to last and withstand any kind of conditions.

Building Materials

To get your tree house up and going, you will at least need wood and nails, and some sort of direction from a builder on how to go about this process without getting anyone killed or seriously injured. Building a structure a few feet up from the ground is rather dangerous.

Tree damage

As you build, be careful not to damage the tree, hence leave spaces around the tree as you build so as to allow the tree to grow as time passes by. We may be trying to have fun but also protect the environment even as you plan for health wholesome fun. Do not constrict the tree with ropes and wires as this will strangle the tree and inhibit any further growth.

The Fun Part

After getting all the materials, all that is left is creative carpentry. There are so many designs of a tree house, Ranging from simple to more elaborate and complex. Rectangular or square shaped houses are the safe bets. Try not to make it so complicated so that is less work to put together and it is a fun exercise.

Go forth and build, and have fun while at it.