Six reasons why you should invest in London

The British Capital is the prime property market in the UK attracting scores of tourists and investors annually.

So what makes London such a popular choice for the investors? We highlight the top 6 reasons to get you interested.


Free & Open Market 

There are no legal restrictions on ex-pats buying a property in the UK. Non-residents can also get a mortgage in the UK. However, as a non-resident, you will be required to appoint a UK lawyer to represent you and handle the legal work when buying a home.



According to a report by The Guardian, property prices in the UK have been dropping since 2008 and they are most likely to dip even further if the country decides to leaves the EU without striking a deal -this is according to some industry experts in the UK.

This drop in prices means it’s currently a buyers’ market in the UK, an opportune time for investors to cash in on some good deals.


Booming Business Centre

London is ranked as one of the largest financial centres in the world with many multi-national corporations setting up base in the city. These businesses lead to the creation of high-income jobs, enabling more people to climb the property ladder, even if it’s with a simple studio apartment.


Sound Investment

Buying property in London is a sound investment. Investors get to enjoy a steady cash flow, rental yields in some properties are high, and so is the demand for rental units in the culturally diverse city.

You can earn enough rental income to pay expenses and save some for other investment ventures. This does not apply to all properties though. You have to do your research on the most popular locations, the clientele renting within that area, price ranges etc.


Beaufort Park, Colindale, London

Wide range of luxury developments

An array of world-class luxury developments, designed by award-winning architects in some of the most sought after neighborhoods. If you are a “property collector” a penthouse is London is a must-have in your portfolio.


Vibrant city life

There’s something for everyone in London! Great sceneries, food, wine, people from different cultural backgrounds, iconic buildings and landmarks such as Big Ben.

Experience living like a royal at Buckingham Palace, marvel at the architectural designs of Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, The British Museum etc. Enjoy international concerts and musicals at Wembley Stadium and so much more!


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