Show Days for the Sellers

Penthouse apartment in Kileleshwa

Most real agents talk about the importance of digital and physical marketing when pitching for a mandate, but they rarely mention one of the most important aspects of marketing which is hosting a show day or an open house as most people would call it.

Show days are overlooked because more often than not, people rarely show up, but don’t let that discourage you, with consistency, and good advertising on the right platforms, picking the best days and time (weekends work best) you can drive the right traffic to your show house.

If you’re still doubtful, here are a few reasons that can make you change your mind

Attract serious buyers

A serious buyer will do more than just browse online, they’ll attempt to visit the actual house and make their decisions based on that. Some will even bring their entire family so that they can make their decision as one.

Present your home at its best

Photos can only do so much, they capture the beauty and aesthetics but they rarely capture some important aspects like space. I have done some few viewings myself and have been quite surprised to find out that some houses are bigger than they seem in the photos.

Secondly, the only way to see and feel the value of a house for its asking price is by visiting the house.

Feedback from the market.

Serious buyers shop around which means they have visited several other houses, have already done their comparisons and can share accurate feedback on the same. This kind of information will come in handy when you decide to adjust your selling price to attract the best offers.

Interact with potential buyers

If you are working with an agent then all communication is most likely done via them, meeting with these potential buyers would be a perfect opportunity to sit down, get to know them, their property needs and maybe even charm them into buying the house.

Face to face communication has proven to be much more effective and builds trust and transparency when you’re answering the buyers’ questions and coming up with a figure that is agreeable for both parties.