Rugs and Area Mats

Living Area Rug
Living Area Rug

A rug serves many purposes. Besides adding comfort to a rough floor and defining the layout of a room, an area rug also adds a touch of color, texture and personality to a room. Because they take up so much space, finding the perfect rug that will blend in with your space is key. Whether you are looking for something for your kitchen, bathroom or something to put on the front step, there is something out there for everyone. As you look for your next buy, consider this.

What size works for your space
There are alt of traditional rules when it comes to the size of a rug. Since it is your space, it gets to be your call but keep in mind what it practical and will not look out of place. Look at your furniture to determine the size of your rug. If intended for the living room, the rug should offer plenty of coverage space from one sofa to the next. The one near the front door should be large enough to slightly surpass the door frame; a narrow hallway will require a narrow rug. In the end, space is a great determinant to choosing rug size.

So materials are more durable than others. Before you go and place your carefully selected rug on any space, first consider how much traffic that place is going to get. For high traffic areas consider jute and sisal materials since they tend to hide dirt and show less wear and tear. Cotton, synthetic and wool rugs work better for larger areas such as living rooms – they come in fun colors and offer more cushioning for your feet. If you prefer luxury to practicality, fur and silk are options to consider. Do not forget to get rug pads – they are handy to prevent accidental slips and slides.

Because a rug is a staple for your space, it should accurately reflect your style. For more traditional spaces Persian rugs and floral options are a safe bet. For more contemporary tastes, stripes and patterns will work best. While it is great to mix and match rugs and décor, avoid conflicting colors and patterns as it will make your space look very uncoordinated.