Room Focus – The TV Room

TV Room
TV Room

Some look edgy and modern, others more traditional and tasteful. Whatever your design style is, the TV/family room is a place to commune with those you love and should be as comfortable as possible. If you have a room that is not large enough to be a bedroom, and not small enough to be an office, just turn it into a den, for yourself or the family.


No TV room is really complete without a good TV and proper sound system. This is especially true for people who appreciate a good gaming session. With proper sound and good quality TV, your watching experience will be made so much better.

Seating Space

This is perhaps the most important. Comfort comes first. There is beauty in comfortable seating spaces, and that creates more room for everyone to sit together for good old family night. Some throw pillows would be an excellent addition to this room.


You will need space to store some odds and ends and keep everything in order. Invest in some qood wicker baskets that get the job done and add a nice touch to the room.

Curtains and drapery

You will need curtains that really block out the light and maximize your movie experience. There is nothing as annoying as getting reflection on your screen when you are trying to watch something.

Nothing beats the feeling of getting to kick back after a long day or stay in during the weekend and catch up on your favorite things to watch.