Reuse and Repurpose Broken Household Items

Re purpose Household Items
Re purpose Household Items

Breaking things is never fun, and often means getting rid of something before it has served its entire purpose. This must not be the case, just because it’s broken and seemingly useless , doesn’t mean you throw it away. You may have a bunch of broken items that you think belong in the trash, grab your broken items and here are a few ways you can bring them back to life.

Grab a broken picture frame and turn it into an earring holder.
When you break the glass out of a picture frame, don’t throw it away just yet. Instead, get some sort of wire or very strong string and use it to create a gorgeous and very functional earing display. You can use this to hang all your earing in one place, and won’t have to worry about looking for them all over. What’s more, this would make a very nice gift. Bet you never thought of that!

Make two desks from one broken table.
If you have a kitchen table that’s broken or badly scratched or one that you think is beyond repair, don’t throw it out just yet. Use it to create two wall desks that you or the kids can use as study table or for some light reading. This is really good for tables damaged in the center, simply cut some sections off, paint (If necessary) and affix to the wall.

Turn Broken Ladders into book shelves.
If you have ab old ladder that is simple just not safe for use, don’t instantly throw it out. Take it apart, sturdy it against the wall and use the two matching sections as book shelves. This will create an excellent rustic look in the house as each rung will hold up books or any other collectibles that you may have.

Create a pet bed from a broken suitcase.
Your trash could be your pet’s treasure. If you have an old broke suitcase, don’t throw it away just yet. Just get rid of the top, and stuff the bottom with an old blanket, and your pet has a new comfortable home. This is a neat and very easy project, and will also give a nice rustic feel to your home.

Turn old cups into plant holders.
Your old beautiful chopped mugs need not be thrown away, turn them into nice little plant holders, to hold a small kitchen plant, the more you have , the more room you have to grow your plants.

There is a lot that can be done around the house, just needs a little bit of creativity and you can turn your old things to incredibly purposeful items.