Preparing Your Home For Sale

Property Advice
Property Advice

It is true what they say about determining the character of a person after just a few seconds. The same goes for property; Selling a house is more than just a monetary transaction between a willing buyer and seller. The buyer needs to be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that it will be worth their while. Small details on site influence this decision especially because many buyers purchase based on what appeals to them.

  • Here are a few tips to increase the aesthetic value of the property from the gate right into the house:

    Exterior Appearance:

    • Ensure that the flower beds, lawns and gardens are well trimmed and evenly tended to. They should also be weed free and any withering plants and flowers should be pruned. The flower pots should be clean, well painted and should not show any cracks that may result in breakage.
    • Clean roofs and gutters that are in good shape are appealing to the eye and create further interest to see the rest of the house.
    • The entrances and the verandah should be clean and clear of any unnecessary clutter.
    • Have the paintwork in good condition and any cracks present filled. No one likes a shabby appearance.
    • The garage should be clean; any stains of car lubricants and grease should be washed off. Patios and balconies should also be free of dirt and clutter.
    • A clean swimming pool with clear and sparkling water greatly improves the appearance; It should also be treated to maintain health standards.


    Interior Appearance:

    • Ensure that there are no leaking taps and pipes in the entire house. A good plumbing system eases maintenance of the house.
    • Clean the windows and have any broken window panes and handles replaced.
    • Ensure that there are windows open to enable free circulation of air; especially if the rooms have been freshly painted and to clear any other present odour.
    • Check that all doors, including closet and cupboard doors, are in good condition with strong handles and lubricated hinges to ease opening and closing.
    • The sanitary appliances such as the sinks and tubs should be well scrubbed to remove stains and any present discoloration.
    • No hanging wires should be visible; Electrical fittings should be done to repair any loose wiring and to ensure safety. All bulbs and lighting appliances should be in working condition.
    • Arrange the furniture in a way that creates space and also allows ease of movement. (This especially helps the buyer to envision themselves there and increases interest.)
    • Carpets and mats create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that will attract the buyer even more and give them a feel of home.
    • Counter check that the security and alarm systems are functional. This provides a sense of comfort for the buyer.