Pam Golding Properties – Protecting the Environment with Your Help

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Nairobi Greenline Tree Nursery

On Saturday 10th May 2014, a few members of Pam Golding Properties- Kenya team visited the Nairobi National Park to plant 45 trees as part of our contribution to protect our National Park from intruding development.

This was the third tree-planting event, with the first event being held on the 13th of April, 2013 and the second on the 26th of October, 2013. On the first event we planted 27 trees and 45 on the second event.

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Gloria (PGP Development Specialist) Planting an Acacia Tree

Pam Golding Properties – Kenya started the “Water My Tree Campaign” as an online initiative to help protect the environment with the help from all our friends and partners. We pledged to plant a tree for every 100 new friends that joined the Pam Golding Properties – Kenya page, making you all a part of helping save this beautiful habitat. With your help we have managed to plan over 100 acacia trees that will eventually grow as part of a green belt trees to help shield the Nairobi National Park from our growing metropolis.

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Nairobi Greenline National Park Site Office

Nairobi Greenline is a project that was started by The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) in partnership with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM). They invite industries, conservationists, corporate organizations and the public, to join the campaign and their goal is to plant 250,000.

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Elvis (PGP Legal Officer) Planting another Acacia Tree
Homes Expo
The Green Team – From Left to Right: Farida Nasieku, Sylvia Karuri, Wathaika, Faraaz Charania, Elvis Andiva, Caroline Ameyo, Gloria Adero Barasa, Joseph Mutinda

Pam Golding Properties Kenya with your help will continue to plant more over the course of the year, as you keep helping us grow our Facebook tree of friends. Our next goal is to plant another 100 trees by the end of year.

Thank you all for the continuous support and helping us protect our National Park and the environment.

– The Green Team!