New Year Resolutions for your Home

Create a household budget

Start by controlling your finances, you can allocate the budget for monthly bills, food and grocery, repair and maintenance and keep some money aside for emergencies ONLY!

Make this a routine and by mid-year you’ll already have an estimate of how much you spend for home bills, what you need to increase/decrease and how much you can save.

Organize the Kitchen

Your kitchen will always get disorganized whenever you have guests over, they don’t know your kitchen like you do. Most often your utensils will be in the wrong drawer, dirty kitchen towels all over the counter-top, a few chipped items, expired food in the refrigerator etc.

It’s time to re-organize your kitchen, throw away the chipped items, expired food, put your utensils in the right cabinets, label them (for your guests’ reference) get yourself a new set of dishes because the glasses always break, the silverware gets tarnished and wooden spoons crack.

Create a cleaning routine

How often do you clean you house?

Create a timetable for yourself/family and get everyone into the system. I.e. washing the clothes every Monday and Thursday, washing the house every Saturday, if your house is big you can allocate the cleaning duties per room.

Create a timetable for dish-washing as well and hang it where everyone can see, you can also decide when do to a thorough cleaning for the whole house, lawn mowing, etc,

Create duties and assign those duties to specific people, stick to the routine and your house will be will fresh and clean all week long!


Get rid of the old items, you have clothes and shoes you don’t where anymore? Donate, You have books you don’t read anymore? Donate, Old bottles in your store? Get creative and use them for some interior decorating.

Cut down on energy

We just can’t help it, how many times have you forgotten to switch off the air conditioner or the lights in a room? Below are some energy saving tips you can put into practice this year:

Switch off the lights and sockets when you leave a room

Replace your lighting with low energy LED lights

Install motion detector lights outside you home

Air dry your dishes instead of using the dishwasher

Air dry your clothes instead of using the dryer

Turn off you water heater when you’re not at home etc. Always counter-check everything before you leave your home.

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