Meet Rosie Barrow

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Meet Rosie Barrow

A loving wife and mother of two, Rosie is an extra-ordinary person. When she is not on her way to meet a client or show a property, she likes to read, garden, swim and travel out of the city. Admittedly a lover of the beach, her favorite place to be is on the sandy white shores looking out into the ocean..

In a supernatural world her preferred superpower would be the ability to be present in three different places at the same time. How she would love to be in the office, at home and on vacation, all at once! In reality, she makes up for the fictional superpower with her prowess in sorting and planning things. She could turn a day-time office into a ballroom at night with just her creative thinking.

Rosie will forever be grateful to the inventors of Google, which is where she spends a lot of her time when surfing on the internet. She can’t get enough of the convenience and the ease at which she’s able to find new recipes and answers to many questions.

You will never find her without pen and paper, which led to her close friends and family nicknaming her ‘The Pen Squirrel.’ In line with ink, should she one day write a book the title would be “Honour Each Person You Meet.” She is a firm believer in the equality of all people, and the importance of the role each person plays in society.

“Everything you do, do with enthusiasm.” – Rosie Barrow.