Meet Reema Shah

Meet Reemah Shah
Meet Reema Shah

If it were possible to live in a house made of flour, have a roof made of icing, door bells made of berries, and window panes made of sugar coating, Reema Shah would be beyond elated .Meet Reema, The Rad Cake Baker. When she is not with a client on site Reema is all cake and nothing. When she would like to take a break for the red hot ovens, Reema would gladly travel around or pore over a book.

Her extra ordinary abilities? She is a super woman! , she is so many things at once, an agent by day, a successful business owner (she runs a cake business), a doting mother of three , a home maker, and she manages all these roles as efficiently as Dexter runs his Lab. Beat That!

Her supernatural wish comes true? …. The female version of Marvel Comics Super Hero, Flash Gordon, she is so passionate about her multiple identities that she wouldn’t mind a million more identities imagine that! She relishes the thought of zooming around in a flash and be done in nanoseconds.

In her personal PC, her bookmarked sites do not fall short of her passion, yes baking; she would Google cake recipes from all over the world and read articles on cakes.
Three things she will never leave the house without, her phone, wallet and Chewing gum.

If Reema was to write a book she would be glad to give tips on her Super Mom prowess, 101 ON RAISING GIRLS FOR TODAY’S WORLD.

“Live for today as if you don’t know what tomorrow will bring” Reema Shah.