Make Your Kitchen Look Pretty

When it comes to decorating a house, the kitchen is probably the most overlooked room, it makes sense because we entertain our guests in the living room and our bedrooms are our personal spaces, these two rooms need to look cosy and beautiful, but so should the rest of your house!

Decorating a kitchen is quite cheap and easy once you put your mind to it, you don’t need to splurge, you just need to organize it and add a few more kitchen essentials to give it a fresh new look, below are a few ideas that will make your kitchen stand out.

Glass Jars
For storing your cereals or condiments, the long glass jars with gold/silver coated tops or wooden covers are a must-have and they are so classy!
They are also transparent which means you don’t have to label them, labels can look tacky, arrange three or four of them on the counter top and store the rest in your cabinets.

Cutlery on hooks
Most people will convert an old container into a cutlery holder, but nothing stands out more in a kitchen like a display of your shiny stainless cooking spoons. You can hang them on a wall using command hooks or above your cooker.

Wall art
Only one out of seven homes will probably have some kind of wall art in a kitchen because tradition dictates that wall arts are meant for the living rooms… mostly… but that’s not true. Wall arts are interior décor accessories meant to complement the look of a room and if a photo is what you need to complete the style of your kitchen then so be it!
Choose an artwork that co-relates with activities or stuff you can find in a kitchen

Unique Vases
A bowl or fruits or a vase of flowers are most likely to be used as the centre-piece on a kitchen table but empty vases can do the trick just as well, get creative and choose something unique, with a peculiar shape and size, something that will beautify your kitchen and catch your guests attention instantly!

Display your best dishes
Dishes can be used for wall decor in any room but this is not advisable in a kitchen, (especially the smaller spaces) because your kitchen will look crowded.
So the best option for dish decor in the kitchen would be open shelves, choose your best dishware collection, the ones with chic and stylish patterns and arrange them on the lower shelves for easy reach.

Switch out the collections according to occasions i.e. orange and black coloured plates for Thanksgiving, red and green for Christmas or whenever you feel like giving your kitchen another new look!

Colour of your appliances
Have you ever considered buying appliances in the same colour? Popular colours are stainless steel, black and white but there’s something about stainless steel that will forever remain a timeless finish.
The above colours are recommended for a sleek and classy look in a kitchen, but if you want a cosy look, use bright colours and warm light bulbs.

Tip: Always choose colours that complement your cabinetry.