Make Your Kitchen Work For You

Making Your Kitchen Work For You
Making Your Kitchen Work For You

The kitchen is the hub of your home. A considerable amount of time is spent cooking, eating and socializing in that room. It is therefore imperative that this room works as best as it can for you and your family. There is nothing worse or more frustrating than having to deal with a poorly organized kitchen – it can suck so much of your time and energy which could be spent doing much more interesting things – like making a kick-ass meal. Here are some tips to make your kitchen work for you.

Forget the layout of your kitchen; unless you are redesigning a new kitchen, most of us have to make do with the space that we already have.

Add an eating area
Try and add an eating area somewhere in your space, could be bar stools along the working area, an island unit or even a small dining table somewhere in the room. This will make your kitchen more sociable and easier to chat and catch up with your family as you cook. An island or table will also help with storage space underneath.

Entertain away!
A radio or a CD player is a great addition to your kitchen for company or to provide background music as you do your stuff in the kitchen.

Do not clutter your workspace.
Only bring out the appliances that you need when you need them, and put them back when you are done. Clutter will only frustrate your work and make simple chores seem like a nightmare. That will leave you with plenty of hassle-free working space.

Your freezer is your friend.
Make maximum use of your freezer. It is easier to manage food such as meat when you freeze them because they don’t go out of date as quickly as in the fridge, and you can defrost them when you need them. People often underestimate the freezer, but it is a very useful companion in the kitchen and it could literally transform the way you kitchen works for you.

Double up on your cooking.
Serve one half and freeze the other half to use on another day when you want a home cooked meal but simply have no time to cook.

Whatever your kitchen layout is, you can make your kitchen work better for you by storing items close by where you need to use them and putting the most frequently used items in the areas easiest to reach. Invest in a rack or a shelf that will make things easier to reach and hence save on time.

Get into some of these good habits and this will save you a whole lot of time :

  • Wipe down all the surfaces daily.
  • Have a place for everything and actually stick to it.
  • Put things away as soon as you use them, you will always be able to find them.
  • When you bring in new groceries from shopping, put them behind the older items, that way you don’t waste anything.
  • Regularly sort and clean your fridge – that way you know what you have and what you need to replace.

Endeavor to make your work space work for you, that way, preparing meals will no longer be a chore, but actually an activity you will look forward to.