Looking to Sell or Let? Boost the Value of Your Home

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Looking to Sell or Let? Boost the Value of Your Home

Some home owners go through a lot of hassle before they put their property on the market. Some use a lot of money to remodel, incur a lot of expenses when they are preparing themselves for a show house all in a bid to increase the value of their house. At the end of the day the results are different you can either break even or realize some good returns. All in all you can increase the worth of your house by doing some renovations and making some changes that are simple and cost effective.

Below are some of the productive ways of adding value.

You can never go wrong with an extension. Majority of us always ask about the size of the property when looking. So if you have a small kitchen consider adding an extension, like wise if your living room area is small and doesn’t receive a lot of light perhaps you can add a conservatory to let more light in.

Add an en suite.
Apart from bedrooms one other important area that a potential property owner will inquire about is the number of bathrooms, and this is where most people go wrong, some people convert one of the rooms in their house into a bathroom, always remember that adding value is done by increasing and not decreasing, do not decrease the number of rooms by conversion instead increase and upgrade it by building a bathroom in a corner of the room, this is enough to attract a client.

Add more bedrooms.
The higher the number of bedrooms, the higher the value of the property. This is quite a simple and cost effective process that can be done in a reasonably short period of time. It does not involve demolishing and building, but it is done by conversion, that attic or basement that is a store, it time to move your junk somewhere else. All you need to do clean up the room add more windows put some attractive wall papers, you can put in a chest of drawers or a closet, a mirror, bedside table and a chair, a neatly spread bed and there you have one more bedroom!

Upgrade your kitchen.
According to Savills International a leading real estate agency, an impressive kitchen can add up to 5% to 20% to the value of your home. It costs a fortune to remodel a kitchen completely; however you can give your cooking area new lease of life by making the following changes and whatever changes you make bear in mind that this is cooking area it should look clean, neat and hygienic.
Increase your storage by adding more drawers and cupboards

Replacing the damaged and peeled worktops by changing the finishing, it should be of good quality, durable and attractive.

Improve your lighting and electricity by fixing any damaged switches and sockets, use halogen bulbs as they create a whiter light that is ideal for kitchens.

If you are readying yourself for a show house, make some changes on your appliances as these appliances are what makes the kitchen functional. You can polish them give them a gleaming look; alternatively you can reface some of them. White products make a kitchen look neat however it is safe to break out of this norm and consider a combination of silver and shiny black appliances for a sleek and modern feel in your kitchen.

Your entry
There is something about good doors that makes a property look solid. A substantial looking handle and lock set, hardwood doors preferably mahogany signals to a client that it is a solid home. Invest in solid strong doors if you are able to.

Maintain your grounds.
Not everyone likes gardening; in fact there are some people who totally neglect their flower beds, there are some properties that you might think are unoccupied simply because the grass is so tall. Your grounds also add value to your house it is part of your property. Do you know that a client may not be impressed on what he sees on the inside but what he saw on the outside is enough to make him buy your house, and that the inside may be impressive but the unsightly and poorly maintained grounds is enough to turn off a potential client?

Take proper care of your grounds because it is the first place visitors or potential buyers enter as they approach your home. This is where the first impression is made. Trim the shrubs mow the lawn and sweep the driveway. Add some life to your garden, weed the flower bed, and water your plants. Gardens are beautiful, appealing and they provide plenty of clean fresh air.

Internal makeover
Before you do show your house to any potential clients you can improve your house via the following ways.

Painting is cheap, and can be done within a few days, it adds life, and it makes the house feel new, you can paint the whole house or just specific parts. Use neutral colors not everyone is a fan of bright colors.

Flooring, cover potholes in any part of the room, some people use floor paints, one major flaw about floor paints is that they scrape off if you are moving your furniture round. Tiling is highly recommended for a durable floor plus they make the house look attractive; choose tiles that complements the wall paint. Wash your carpets before placing them on the floor and place doormats on some of the entries of your house.

Decorate and furnish the bedrooms by using bedcovers that either match with the curtains or use different colors that complement each other a chest of drawers, a dressing table etc. For the bathrooms clean the sink, the bathtub, install a tissue and a towel holder and match the color of the shower curtain, the bathroom rug with the towels. Fill the bathroom cabinets with the necessary sanitary products. Always have an air freshener in the bathroom. For the living room the color of you couches should complement your carpet, ensure it is neatly arranged, well lit and finally adorn your living room with a unique piece of art.