Guest Blog: Landscaping on a budget

A beautifully done lawn is a great invite to a person’s home as it brings out character, looks more inviting and is a great conversation starter when you are playing host to guests. The front yard is usually the first thing one sees when they drive up to your house. There are a couple of factors to consider when planning to do landscaping around your house:

*Make sure you have adequate space between the point you are intending to put up your garden space and your drainage system.

*Do not plant trees or shrubs near your house, this is because certain trees have roots that can go deep into the soil and as a result affect the drainage systems of your house.

Tips on how to save money when landscaping:
There are several innovative ways one can be able to have a perfect looking front yard having used the simplest methods possible to achieve this.

Strategize before you buy: It is important to sketch your desired landscape design before you start thinking of what to plant and build. Knowing exactly what you need and where you’re going to place all that you need helps avoid wastage of money.

Decide how much design you want: Although it’s less expensive to build a square patio or area, it’s no bargain if you find the result so unappealing that you don’t use it. It may be worth an investment to identify a designer who can help create a beautiful space that you can use for the long term.

Buy in phases: Not everyone has the financial resources to landscape their property all at once. Due to this, it is important to divide your project into different phases, and pay as you go with funds at your disposal at the given time. This will help you save on loan or credit costs and still be able to evaluate your progress and adjust plans before moving to the next phase.

DIY Projects: This can include recycling old pots, have your kids involved by assigning them tasks of painting the pots in different colors, these pots can then be used to house various flowers of your taste.

Check alternate resources: Do not limit yourself to searching for something just on the popular well known places, ask around from your neighbors if they know area where you can get a good bargain or if they have some landscaping tools that can come in handy when you have started your project.

Written by Wendy Achieng, Communications and Community Engagement Associate – Jumia Classifieds Kenya