Keep Your Home Leak Free

Keep Your Home Leak Free
Keep Your Home Leak Free

For a while there, it seemed as though the heavens were against us. But lucky are we that we finally get to welcome the rains. With rains, come many pleasures: no more dust in the air, a little sunshine here and there and water for our crops that our farmers have been praying hard for, which to them seems like eternity. While rain may be beautiful, it may do some serious damage to your home.

Here are a few ways to waterproof your home this rainy season.

Check Your Doors and Windows
Inspect your windows and doors for cracks, and ensure that they are sealed properly to prevent leaks during heavy rains. Have them repaired by a professional so you get a good job done as you do not want water seeping and damaging your furniture, or the annoying rain flies getting into your home.

Inspect Your Roof
When water collects on roofs, it can find its way into your house and seep in. The same water on your roof can also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Therefore, check your roof for any damage or leaks and repair it immediately. The longer you take to repair a leak, the more damage you do to your house.

Clear Rain Gutters
Cleaning gutters is one job we all tend to avoid, however it must be done as a blocked gutter can cause flooding and may really damage your home. Check and clear all drains and gutters and remove any branched or leaves that may block the drainage.

Repair The Rusty
Rust can make your gate hinges or padlocks stuck. To prevent this from happening, you can use heavy grease on them. Walk around your home and inspect all your gates, doors and other fixtures in your compound and repair them. A coat of paint will also go a long way in preventing rust. Finally, trim overgrown plants and trees as they can be dangerous in the event of harsh winds.

With all these fixed, you can enjoy a cold evening indoors without having to worry about getting enough buckets to contain the leaks.