Household Safety Checklist

How safe is your home? By safe we mean more than just burglar proofing, we are talking about common accidents that occur within the house such as tripping down a loose board or a fire accident.

Make it a habit to evaluate your household safety every month and you can start by adding the below to your safety checklist

Children’s Safety
Install window grills on every window, start with the rooms on the upper level of your home

Do you have a pool? Put a fence around it, kids tend to wander away all the time

Install safety gates at the top and bottom of your stairs

Store medicine and sharp objects out of their reach

Put a latch on the cabinets that contain hazardous substances

Install padding on furniture with sharp edges

Avoid Electrical Hazards
Put plastic safety covers on all your electrical outlets to protect the kids

Repair any loose or frayed wires on your appliances

Ensure electrical cords do not run under rugs or across doorways

Do not overload your outlet

Consider replacing cords with outlets

Home Heating
Inspect you waters heaters annually to ensure the temperatures are not above normal

Install a fireplace door to keep the kids out

Smoke Detectors & Fire Safety
Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Keep fire extinguishers in the kitchen and on every floor of the house, teach your family how to use them

Install a sprinkler system if you can

Store flammable liquids away from any flame source.

Keep a list of emergency number in your home and

Teach your children about house-safety rules.

Put safety labels on some of the hazardous substances and explain to your children what they mean

Create a safe environment for your kids by taking the necessary precautions.