Going Modern or Antique?

Home Design with touch of Antique
Home Design with touch of Antique

Forget the matchy-matchy look. Decorating a room with different styles, colors and designs is in because it is fashionable and fresh. This can also be hard to pull off without proper direction and guidance. Have an open mind, mix modern with antique design to give your home a unique and comfortable feel. Do it in a way so that the room looks considered and well thought out and not chaotic, here’s how.

Fun color combos
Color really has a way to make the elements in a room pop out and while at it change the whole look and feel of the entire space. Break out of your comfort zone and pick colors that soften and add warmth to the room. You may consider painting one side of the wall cedar green and the other side a warm blue.

Antiques are some of the most durable and well-crafted furniture you can buy. If they can stand the test of time, you know that it is very well crafted. In comparison to modern furniture, wood alone is incomparable in quality but the design and craftsmanship is impeccable in both design and finish. The best part is that over time, the wear and tear of the antique furniture only serves to add character to the piece. The downside to modern furniture is that you have to keep up with trends, but will have to be replaced as soon as the trend goes out of style. The expense may be minimal at first, but you can only change furniture every so often.

Mix and Match
This could be just what you home needs to spruce it up. Pair an old desk, with a new futuristic chair to give a balanced yet elegant feel to your space.

It all comes down to personal taste and preferences. Whatever you feel will give your home the best look and bring you comfort, that is what you should go for. It is also important though to weigh the facts and make an informed decision.