Creating Curb Appeal

Creating Curb Appeal
Creating Curb Appeal

Creating Curb Appeal
In this fast paced world, impression is everything. Keeping in line with the trend, we dress up for work or functions and feel good about it. Why should our homes be left out? This is where curb appeal comes in, as it is the general attractiveness of a house from the outside. It also adds monetary value to your home.
Here are some great ways to make the outside of your home more appealing:

Dress up your front door
Just as your eyes are the door to your soul, so is the front door to your home. It is the first the first thing visitors see as they approach your home. If the door does not open properly or if its paint has chipped it put guests or potential buyers off. You may opt to replace your old door with a new one; though fixing it is the cheaper option. Sometimes, a simple coat of paint and may do the trick. Adding a doorknocker or a decorative plant will make it more welcoming.

Keep your front yard clean and tidy at all times. This will make it attractive and easy to maintain. Trim overgrown grass, shrubs and hedges as this will make your lawn pleasant to look at. Try shaping your hedges to give your yard more character. You could also plant a mix of seasonal flowers to add colour and get rid of weeds as they prevent your flowers from thriving. There’s the option of having plants in pots and arranging them in different spots to give a different feel.

Outdoor Lighting
Just like landscaping, outdoor lighting enhances your home’s appearance as it boosts curb appeal in the dark. Besides being of aesthetic value, lighting is multi-functional. It makes your home stand out from the unlit homes around and deters burglars, as lit homes have fewer hiding spots. It also makes stairs and walk-ways visible in the dark, thereby providing safety.

Walkways or Driveways
Add colour to your walkways or driveways by staining them in appealing hues. You could paint the pavements in your driveway to make it standout. Use a material that complements the architecture of your home to add curb appeal. Finally, line your driveway with trees or shrubs for a different look.

Hide your trash bins
Trash bins are a big turn off regardless of where they are placed. Avoid keeping them at the front of your home, however if that’s the only place to store them, consider building a small shed to store them and ensure that they do not overflow.

Remember to keep it simple.