Clever Ways to Add Natural Light To Your House

Improving Natural Light Flow
Improving Natural Light Flow

We cannot all have beachfront homes and homes that will allow the sunshine to just flow in. However, you can make do with what you have and add some natural light to your home. Here is some clever ways to do that.

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Mirrors not only make a room appear bigger, they also reflect light and brighten up the space. Positioned correctly, the mirror will mimic the window and make it appear as if you have more mirrors on the wall.

Switch to doors with windows

Swap out your sturdy wooden door with one that has glass elements in it as that can really brighten up your entry way. If you are concerned that a glass door will invade on your privacy, consider frosted glass and that will still keep an elegant look and feel.

Keep it clean
Keep all your fixtures clean – windows, doors, tables and chairs and let the light you have shine at its brightest.

A little contrast

Contrast dark rooms with brighter features. The light will bounce off these surfaces and really open up your space and make the room seem much brighter.

Sometimes you have to get a little creative, work with the space you have and turn it into something you will really love and appreciate.