Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Accessories

Even though decorating a bathroom may not be as glamorous, there are many ways to add character to this otherwise dull and sterile space. Necessities like shower curtains, mats, towels and mirrors can help brighten up the space, other things like shower caddies, soap dispensers and tissue boxes can help with storage. As you get ready to revamp your bathroom, keep in mind these essentials:

Shower Curtains
While these can be both decorative and functional, shower curtains can add an interesting visual element to your bathroom while protecting your walls from excess moisture the walls. They come in a variety of materials and in different styles ranging from traditional to classic to modern, punchy or classic. Vinyl curtains are cheaper than fabric shower curtains but do not last as long.

Mats and rugs
Mats and rug will protect your floors over time and also provide and warm spot for your feet as you step out of the shower and as you brush your teeth. You should place your mat or rug in close proximity to the tub, shower or your mirror. Chose a colour scheme for your bathroom and consider matching the colour of your mats to match. Purchase a mat with a liner beneath it to prevent slipping.

Besides their basic function, towels also add texture to your bathroom. Instead of hiding them in a cabinet somewhere, display them in the open or in shelves or hung in rails. In terms of material, cotton is the safest bet as it is more absorbent and is more durable in the long run.

Bathroom Hardware

Whether you are starting from scratch or just adding a few things, a simple change in hardware from cabinet pulls to rods can make all the difference in your space. There is limitless options depending on the style you want to create for your bathroom.

Pull the look together with dispensers, baskets and furnishings that complement the theme of your space. If you have more space to play around with, you can consider adding sculptures or artwork.Whatever you do, try not to clutter up the space. Maintain neatness all through because no matter how beautiful your space is, if it is cluttered, all that beauty vanishes.