Angela Githongo on Gold Club, Top Rental Agent & Housing Market


Meet Angela Githongo, our Rentals Specialist for Runda, Gigiri, Ridgeways, GardenEstate, MuthaigaNorth and Windsor. and top rental agent of the year 2018/2019 in the Pam Golding Properties Calendar, having rented out over 35 units since she joined. She sat down with us to talk about her real estate career, GoldClub experience and what the PGP rentals department can offer to potential landlords

Hey Angie, how are you?
Angie: I’m great, you?

Me? Super! Thank you for sparing ten minutes of your time for this interview.
Angie: You’re welcome, feel free to pick my brain (laughs)

Great, so early this year, you flew to South Africa for your first-ever Gold Club Awards and you were also named top rental agent for Kenya office
Angie: (nodding) That’s right

We want to know what that feels like, your career highlights as a PGP agent so far and your take on the housing market, so without further ado, when and how did you join Pam Golding?
I joined in July 2016, I was driving along Peponi Road and I spotted a Pam Golding lamppost, it was plain it, no visual advert on it just the logo and the name of the company, I got curious, looked up the company later on that evening and even though there were no open vacancies on the site I just thought why not give it a try and the rest as they say is history.

Which areas do your currently service?
I represent Runda, Gigiri, Ridgeways, GardenEstate, MuthaigaNorth and Windsor.

What’s so appealing about the areas you service?
They are blue zone areas meaning some of the most secure places to live in, there are popular shopping malls like Village Market and Two Rivers, international schools such as ISK, Rosslyn Academy, Brookhouse, SABIS to name a few, proximity to hospitals e.g. Aga Khan Hospital and MP Shah

There’s lots of greenery in the areas for the nature lovers, the streets are quiet and clean, serene neighborhoods, my areas are the go-to areas for anyone looking to enjoy an idyllic lifestyle in Nairobi. Oh and plenty of places for outdoor family activities, Karura Forest is great for picnics, hiking and cycling too.

What can you tell us about the current state of the housing market in your areas?
At the moment more supply than demand

Angela receiving the Rental Administrator of the year Award for Mary Njeri at GoldClub

Key turning points in your career as a real estate agent
Surpassing my 2018/19 rental target, that’s what led to GoldClub

Gold Club huh… tell us about it
Traveling to Johannesburg in April was a highly memorable experience especially meeting Andrew Golding (the CEO). I got to network with several rental agents from other African franchisees and we chatted about the differences in our real estate market, pros and cons, it was an eye-opening experience and fun evening too.

Can you name five things a client should look into/do before renting a property?
Familiarize yourself with the location, understand the terms of the lease agreement, identify your housing needs, visit the property and get advice from a Pam Golding Agent

Last question what can clients expect when they let their properties through PGP?
Reliable service delivery, aggressive marketing efforts, access to a pool of vetted and trusted tenants within our database

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