Amazing Ways to Find Space Around the House

Organized Closet
Organized Closet

Staying organized is one of the ways to get ahead in life. If the space you live in is organized, it will be much easier to get on with your daily life and progress with your chores. Since charity starts at home, start from the inside out and get your house in order then extend that to other avenues of your life.
Here is a few ways you can get organized around the house.

Start with the pantry

Create more room by removing large and awkward boxes and packaging. Find easier and neater ways to store produce and condiments. Purchase air tight food containers that will make storage soo much easier. Your food need not stay in the same box you bought it in. Label the containers if you must for clarity’s sake.

The Kitchen

When it comes to storage of pots and pans, arrange them on their sides like files, this not only creates more room, but helps you to see exactly what you need and saves you time around the kitchen.

Your dresser
Arrange clothing vertically, not in the traditional horizontal piles. This will not only maximize space, but will help you to see what you need exactly when you need it.

The Closet

If your shoes don’t have a place to be, they will end up being a clumsy mess all over your room. Find one place to keep them and store away and try to keep that up for as long as possible.
Organize your clothes in color from dark to white, it will help you to find everything so much faster, and if you have extras, give them away.

The key to having more space in your home is keeping in mind that ‘Less is more’. If you have more than you need lying around, give it away and help someone else while at it.