The Allure of The Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Pad Design
Bachelor Pad Design

The perception that single guys need not bother with interior design and can continue to live in untidy and messy spaces is thankfully outdated. The modern day bachelor pad is all about flair and style.

The living room
The living room is where it all starts. For most guys a giant TV screen, excellent sound system and a large couch is all they need to make their days complete. Since so much time is spent in the living room, it would be worthwhile to put a bit of effort into making your space as comfortable as possible. Large sectional sofas are a great idea for the living room as they can double up as beds when friends crash over for the weekends. Get something else in there that will keep the room from looking like a tech center. A nice stack of books or a tasteful lamp will do. Men tend to be practical about their furniture choices, it might be worthwhile to convince them that it is okay to splurge on something that is not necessarily needed.

The bedroom
Invest in a good pair of white sheets. There is something that feels very clean about getting into a bed with white sheets. You will never tire of them.

The bathroom
A good bathroom with amenities, a good mirror and plenty of space is a must have. Well kept bathrooms need not only be reserved for the females.

The Kitchen
While take out or eating out might be the easier option, it will cost you a pretty penny in the long run. Having a well stocked kitchen with even the bare essentials such as few pots and pans and knives and spoons and groceries will go a long way to make you appreciate the art of making your own meal.

Include some trinkets or odds and ends from activities that you enjoy doing. Could be a well displayed sports gear, hiking gear, or even a trophy or medals case tucked away neatly. Remember to clean up and dust around every so often so that your space can remain clean.

A bachelor pad is primarily your refuge where you come home to rest, recollect and relax after a long day at work. Also,important to note is that there is a fine line between comfort and untidiness.