Adorn Your Walls

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Home decorating doesn’t come easy to all of us, you may have the right furniture, the right rugs and even curtains that complement your desired look, but there’s something about a blank wall that makes a room look incomplete.

If you are struggling to cover up that blank wall, we have some unique and artistic ideas that break away from the traditional wall painting or family portrait

Wall bookshelf
You can try out the fishbone design, this design is artistic and flexible and you can rotate them whichever way you like, this is ideal for the minimalist
For the nature lovers who would like to have some potted plants in their living rooms too, the diamond cross planes shelf will come in handy

Wall Mirrors
Wall mirrors add light and style to a room, find the perfect one to complement your décor, they comes in various sizes, styles and colors and they will not go out of style anytime soon in fact, they have just started to get more popular.

Display shelf
You are most likely to find a display shelf in a bedroom or a home office but we are all about breaking tradition so move the shelf to your living room instead!

Display your stringed instruments
You don’t have to be a collector or a lover of music to display something on a wall, it’ simply decor, hang some acoustic guitars on a wall to add that rustic feel in a room

Hang antique plates
Hang an array of antique plates from all over the world for your guests to admire, you can find them at thrift shops or décor stores, choose plates of different sizes, shapes and you can either pick one color or different ones then arrange them according to your taste

Adorn with a tapestry
Woven decorative fabrics that are one of the oldest forms of woven textile, popular for bohemian style décor in a home, a tapestry is a must add element if you want your living room to be full of life and culture from different parts of the world.